The portal offers a number of services available from the interface GUI and API. In addition to the company search service by NIP, REGON or KRS number, it is possible to download data and verify the company's business status, as well as the EU VAT payer status in the VIES system.

All functionalities offered by the API can be tested - without the need to create an account - using the shared one Test API.

In order to take advantage of the full range of functionality offered by the production API, an implementation is required registration.

White list – List of VAT payers

Verification of a contractor in the VAT white list means checking his bank account status for a given day and can be done using programming libraries (including JAVA, C#, PHP, C/C++, Python), A program that loads JPK_VAT/CSV files and add-in for Microsoft Excel. Due to its intuitive operation, the application and the Excel add-in are particularly recommended for people who are not IT specialists and value simplicity and ease of using a computer. The use of the programs described above allows you to completely automate the process of checking taxpayers and reduce to a minimum the time needed for their mass verification. All data is downloaded directly With list of VAT payers (so-called white list of VAT taxpayers) of the Ministry of Finance. More details can be obtained by visiting the pages describing the functionalities of individual products.

Company search

Searching the REGON and CEIDG reference databases is possible using advanced search criteria. Directing queries directly to reference registers ensures that the most up-to-date data is always downloaded. The basic search provided on the website allows you to display basic company data after entering the NIP, REGON or KRS number.

The basic service allows you to search for the following data:

  • Full name of the business entity
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Name and surname of the owner in the case of a business activity
  • Detailed postal address: street with property number and apartment number
  • Zip code
  • Town
  • Phone numbers*
  • Email addresses*
  • Website address*

An interface enabling the search for basic data of entrepreneurs based on the entered NIP, REGON or KRS number is available on the website Company search.

The extended search allows you to obtain full company data, including:

  • Full name of the business entity
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Central Statistical Office number (REGON)
  • National Court Register number (KRS)
  • Name and surname of the owner in the case of a business activity
  • Industry classification according to PKD
  • Verbal type of business activity (based on the PKD code)
  • Legal form
  • Detailed postal address: street with property number and apartment number
  • Zip code
  • Town
  • Voivodeship, district, commune
  • TERYT codes for: voivodeship, district, commune, town and street
  • Date of commencement of activities
  • Date of suspension/resumption/termination of activity
  • Phone numbers*
  • Fax numbers*
  • Email addresses*
  • Website address*

* Data is not available for all companies

Downloading fiscal data

Downloading fiscal data, i.e. necessary to issue an invoice or receipt, is possible using the provided API interface. Using the service requires prior registration and authentication.

Automatic checking of VAT status

Programming libraries (APIs)

The service of checking the VAT status of an entity enables taxpayers to verify whether their contractor is an active, exempt or unregistered VAT taxpayer. The service is addressed primarily to taxpayers using the reverse charge mechanism in relation to goods listed in Annex 11 to the VAT Act.

Taxpayers can check whether their contractors are active VAT payers. Entering the tax identification number NIP or the REGON or KRS number in the API will allow you to check the taxpayer's status in the VAT register. The shared service will ask directly IT system of the Ministry of Finance and will return one of three possible messages:

  • The entity with the given tax identification number NIP is not registered as a VAT payer
  • The entity with the given tax identification number NIP is registered as an active VAT payer
  • The entity with the given tax identification number NIP is registered as a VAT-exempt taxpayer

The nip24 system API acts as a proxy (intermediary), i.e. each generated query is directly sent to the Tax Portal, and the response received from the Tax Portal is also there directly transferred to the user. To ensure the full safety and comfort of our clients, all communication with the Ministry of Finance system is saved in dedicated files, which, in the event of an inspection, can be made available to confirm that the taxpayer has fulfilled the obligation to check the contractor.

The method of implementing and using the function implemented in the provided libraries is described in detail on the website documentation.

Microsoft Excel

Additionally, for people who use the Excel application on a daily basis, an easy-to-use add-in has been prepared, which allows you to effectively (without programming knowledge) check the status of an entity in the VAT register, the VIES system, as well as search and download entity data and check their current business status (REGON) directly from the above reference registers. Details of installation, configuration and use are described on the website Add-in for MS Excel.

A dedicated website has also been created enabling people who do not have an account on to checking the entity's VAT status.

Monitoring the taxpayer's status as an active VAT payer

The service enables automatic and completely unattended monitoring of the taxpayer's status in the VAT register, the VIES system and the status of the company's operations in accordance with the user-defined schedule. All checking activities are performed by the website systems, and the user receives the results each time the checking is completed after logging in to his account. The service is dedicated in particular to companies that need to verify even several dozen thousand contractors every month.

We encourage you to read the detailed documentation describing the operation of the service, which is available at: Tax Identification Number (NIP) monitoring.

Downloading data from the KRS Online open API

The information scope of data made available from the National Court Register via API corresponds to the current extract issued by the Central Information of the National Court Register.

The data of natural persons disclosed in the register downloaded via API are anonymized in terms of names, surnames and their PESEL numbers, in accordance with the principles of processing this data resulting from the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (OJ EU L 119 of 04/05/2016, as amended)

Searching and downloading a current excerpt from the National Court Register of an entrepreneur or association Open API of the National Court Register, can be implemented using two functions: getKRSData() and getKRSSection(). Details on the website Documentation.

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