API update

In the new version 1.2.9, we have added a function long awaited by our customers getVATStatus() enabling the automation of checking the status of an entity in the VAT register managed by the Ministry of Finance (MF). Verification is carried out on the basis of one of the following numbers: NIP, REGON or KRS. Every inquiry is sent directly to the Ministry of Finance system, therefore you can be sure that the answer you receive will be identical to the one you would receive by entering your NIP in the form on the website of the Tax Portal of the Ministry of Finance (https://ppuslugi.mf.gov.pl).

Current versions of the libraries can be downloaded from: Download
Current documentation with examples: Documentation

Source codes available

To make integration with our website as easy as possible, we have also included source codes and examples of the use of individual functions for all libraries.

While encouraging you to update, we would like to inform you that it is not obligatory, previous versions will continue to work properly.

Changes to the Terms of Use of the nip24.pl website

Due to the introduction of new functionalities described above, the Terms of Use of the nip24.pl website and the Offer have changed. We kindly ask you to read their content.

Rules of using the website: https://nip24.pl/public/Zasady_korzystania_z_serwisu_nip24pl.pdf
Current offer: https://nip24.pl/oferta/

If you do not agree to the changes introduced to the Rules of Use of the nip24.pl website, you may resign from the services provided by the nip24.pl website at any time.

Attention! Changes in the Offer apply only to new Customers. If you have purchased the Basic Plan, both the price and all parameters originally defined under this Plan remain unchanged. You can also change your Plan to another one at any time.

If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact Customer Service Office.

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