National e-Invoice System (KSeF)
new integration library for PHP

KSeF biblioteka PHP

In addition to the REST API interface, which we informed about in the previous entry (KSeF REST API new functionalities in, we have prepared a library for PHP that allows integration with our KSeF REST API interface. It is now available for download directly from our website:

We are working all the time to soon provide you with a set of libraries for the remaining most popular programming languages, i.e. Java and .NET, which will implement REST API functionalities.

Of course, for the needs of efficient integration, we have also prepared a detailed one Technical Documentation together with a description of the business processes within which the use of individual operations is described. We encourage you to read the prepared description and diagrams.

Additionally, the shared ZIP archive file contains a file example.php, which, when run on a PHP server, allows you to run a form with all supported operations:

ksef server php

    We will keep you updated on all progress in providing further functionalities and tools. team

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