Summary of consultations aimed at exchanging information on the possibility of phasing the implementation of KSeF

According to ours previous announcement regarding the KSeF schedule, as part of consultations regarding National e-Invoice System (KSeF), today we will present you a short summary of the consultations organized on February 29, 2024 by the Ministry of Finance under the name KSeF consultations - staging of KSeF implementation.

During the discussion, the issues of implementation stages, digital exclusion of some entities, problems with integration with foreign contractors' systems and the implementation deadline were discussed.

Several interesting questions were asked during the Q&A session:
Q: What are the concerns regarding the implementation of KSEF?
A: The concerns concern the efficiency of the system, the readiness of entrepreneurs, including micro-entrepreneurs, and the chaos of implementation for everyone.
Q: How to solve the problem of digitally excluded people/entities?
A: It was proposed that accounting offices could issue invoices on behalf of such entities. There were also voices that there was no need for special treatment of such cases.
Q: What is the deadline for implementing the system?
A: The suggested date was the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. There were voices for the fastest possible implementation, but also those pointing to April 1 or May 1, 2025.

During the discussion, several key actions to be taken were highlighted:

  • Analyze the possibility of implementing the system in stages, first for large companies
  • Consider excluding micro-entrepreneurs from the obligation to use KSEF
  • Analyze the proposal to introduce an emergency mode at the beginning of the KSeF implementation, in which invoices would be sent with a delay, but by everyone, to check the system's performance.
  • Consider introducing individual KSeF functionalities in stages, e.g. sending only invoices first and then adding payments.
  • Unify the invoicing system, taking into account the specific nature of trade with foreign contractors
  • Conduct an information campaign on KSeF and the benefits of digitizing invoicing for entrepreneurs.

We invite you to listen to the entire meeting, which is available on



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