Summary of KSeF consultations in the area of communication and information exchange

According to ours previous announcement regarding the KSeF schedule, as part of consultations regarding National e-Invoice System (KSeF), today we will present you a short summary of the consultations organized on March 1, 2024 by the Ministry of Finance under the name KSeF consultations – explanations, interpretations and training.

The meeting discussed, among others: training and information campaign plans for entrepreneurs, expectations regarding the content of information materials, methods of reaching various target groups, including digitally excluded people. Technical issues related to the operation of the system were also discussed, including: safe mode, certificates, specifications. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance declared their openness to further cooperation and consultations.

Several interesting questions were asked during the Q&A session:
Q: Will it be possible to issue a corrective invoice without providing the KSeF number of the corrected invoice?
A: Currently, there is no such possibility, but the implementation of delayed completion of the KSeF number of a corrected invoice is being considered.

Q: Why does the KSeF system accept invoices with the same number?
A: A good solution would be if the system, when trying to send an invoice with the same number, returned the status of the first invoice received, i.e. its KSeF number and time of receipt.

During the discussion, several key actions to be taken were highlighted:

  • Preparation of tax explanations clarifying doubts
  • Structuring of reported doubts and questions, e.g. via the "Głos Podatnika" platform
  • Creating a catalog of good practices
  • Prepare detailed information about Safe Mode
  • Considering deferring some obligations after the implementation of the KSeF
  • Introducing the dates of adding and updating questions and answers on the Ministry of Finance website
  • Adding a legal basis in the answers provided

We encourage you to listen to the entire meeting, which is available on

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