Please be advised that due to API failure and GUI search engine The Ministry of Finance currently does not have the option to verify taxpayers in the VAT register using this function getVATStatus and getWhitelistStatus. It is also not possible to download data from the MF register using the function searchVATRegistry.

The remaining services, i.e. verification in the VIES system and downloading data from the REGON register, work without any problems.

The above-mentioned taxpayer verification services in the VAT register will start responding correctly automatically after the failure on the part of the Ministry of Finance is removed.

[Update 10:35]

An official statement appeared on the website of the Ministry of Finance:

[Updated 2023/05/05 10:00]

It seems that the failure on the MF side has been removed, but our monitoring systems still report unstable operation of the above-mentioned functions. team

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