Summary of KSeF consultations with companies from the fuel industry

According to ours previous announcement regarding the KSeF schedule, as part of consultations regarding National e-Invoice System (KSeF), today we will present you a short summary of consultations with the factoring industry organized on February 22, 2024 by the Ministry of Finance under the name KSeF consultations – meeting with the fuel industry.

Main points of discussion

Key areas of discussion included:

  1. Introduction of the KSeF system and its impact on the fuel industry, including implementation and consultation dates. The impact of the system on business processes, in particular the staging of implementation of various groups of taxpayers.
  2. Technical and legislative issues related to issuing e-invoices at gas stations, including challenges regarding the speed of customer service and identification of buyers. The issue of issuing and visualizing invoices at gas stations, especially in the context of speed of customer service and service to foreign customers.
  3. Proposals of technical and legislative solutions aimed at facilitating the transition to the KSeF system.
  4. The problem of phasing the implementation of the KSeF system and its impact on the uniformity and coherence of the system - the industry has signaled doubts and implementation difficulties as to the appropriateness of dividing taxpayers into B2B and B2C.
  5. Considerations regarding simplified invoices and handling B2B and B2C transactions in the context of the new system.
  6. The specificity of serving foreign customers and the challenge of issuing invoices offline.
  7. Discussion on the technical possibilities and limitations of the KSeF system, including issues related to invoice attachments and their format.
  8. Service for foreign customers - issues related to issuing invoices and lack of access to the KSeF system by foreign contractors.


These points constitute the basis for further discussions and work on optimizing the KSeF system for the fuel industry, taking into account the specific challenges and needs of the sector.

The meeting was characterized by an exchange of opinions between industry representatives and experts, the search for technical and legislative solutions, and emphasizing the importance of cooperation for the effective implementation of the KSeF system.

This is just a brief summary of the consultation. We encourage you to listen to the entire meeting, which is available on


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