KSeF consultations – efficiency and safety

According to ours previous announcement regarding the KSeF schedule, as part of consultations regarding National e-Invoice System (KSeF), experts from the Department of Analysis of the National Tax Administration and the Critical Applications team started a discussion on the key aspects of the system: its efficiency and security. The meeting gathered a wide group of interested parties, which emphasizes the importance and relevance of the topic of e-invoicing in Poland.

KSeF system security

The security of the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is a priority, which is reflected in the technical and procedural solutions used. Experts particularly emphasized the importance of emergency mode mechanisms and technical support that ensure continuity of operations and protection of user data. Tokens and certificates are also a key aspect of security and play a central role in the authentication and access management process.

During the meeting, the issue of managing tokens and possible future certificates was discussed, paying attention to the challenges related to the so-called excluded people, i.e. those who, for various reasons, may encounter difficulties in obtaining or managing these security elements. The discussion revealed how important it is to ensure that every system user has the ability to effectively and securely manage certificates and tokens, which has a direct impact on the overall security and functionality of KSeF.

Participants also highlighted the need for more detailed information and guidance on certificate management, highlighting the need for clear communication and support from system management bodies. This approach is intended not only to increase security, but also to make it easier for users to use the system, minimizing the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Therefore, KSeF's security is based on solid technological and organizational foundations, with tokens and certificates as key elements ensuring protection and proper authorization and strong authentication. Continuous improvement of the management processes of these tools and openness to dialogue with users are necessary to maintain a high level of system security.

KSeF performance

Another important topic was the efficiency of KSeF, especially at the end of the month, when there is an increased load on the system due to numerous invoice shipments. Experts drew attention to technological solutions aimed at spreading the load on the system, which has a positive impact on the smoothness of processes and reduces the risk of overload. It was emphasized that this approach is intended not only to improve performance, but also to increase user comfort.

Consultations with users

Consultations with system users were an important element of the meeting. Mechanisms for submitting comments and suggestions that are necessary for continuous improvement of KSeF are presented. Users had the opportunity to ask questions and express opinions on the functionality and use of the system, which proves that the authorities are open to feedback and ready to make improvements.


The meeting devoted to consultations on KSeF showed that key aspects such as safety and efficiency are at the top of the priorities responsible for the development of the system. Thanks to the active participation of users and experts, it is possible to constantly improve KSeF, which aims to ensure the best possible conditions for running a business in Poland.

Recording of the meeting available on Youtube.com:

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