Generating an access token to KSeF

1. After creating the account in the National e-Invoice System, as described in the first part of the guide: KSeF guide – how to create an account in the National e-Invoice System, we can start generating the token.

2. Select from the side menu Generuj token, and then enter the name of the token that will be displayed on the list and select the permissions that will be associated with this token. For the purposes of integration with the website please select the following options: dostęp do faktur and wystawianie faktur. Selected option dostęp do faktur means that by using the website's functions it will be possible to download cost invoices, and an option wystawianie faktur – as the name suggests – allows you to send invoices to the KSeF system using the website's functions generowanie tokena ksef

3. Successful token generation is confirmed by the message:

token ksef

4. List of generated tokens:

lista tokenów ksef

other parts A guide to KSeF, which may also be interesting reading:

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