Summary of KSeF consultations with companies from the factoring industry

According to ours previous announcement regarding the KSeF schedule, as part of consultations regarding National e-Invoice System (KSeF), today we will present you a short summary of consultations with the factoring industry organized on February 21, 2024 by the Ministry of Finance under the name KSeF consultations – meeting with the factoring industry.

Key areas of discussion

At the meeting with the factoring industry, key challenges and opportunities related to the implementation of the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) were discussed. Representatives of the factoring industry emphasized the need for clear guidelines for handling invoices in the new system, in particular issues related to the assignment of receivables and access to invoice data.

The process of taking over customers between factors and access to invoice data in KSeF was also discussed, which is crucial for effective risk management and fraud prevention. The need for technical and procedural support from the KSeF system for the factoring industry was indicated to enable a smooth transition to the new rules and maximize the benefits of electronic invoices.

The issue of data security and information protection in the context of access to electronic invoices in the KSeF system was also an important topic. Proposals were considered to improve the system to better respond to the needs of the factoring sector, including better cooperation and communication between market participants and state authorities responsible for the KSeF system.

Based on the issues discussed, it can be seen that the entry into force of the KSeF is both a challenge and an opportunity for the factoring industry to improve processes. It will be crucial to ensure transparent regulations and cooperation between the public sector and factors to ensure effective implementation of the new system and optimization of factoring processes.

A recording of the meeting is available on

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