KSeF obligatory only in 2025.

Today (January 19, 2024), at a press briefing, the Minister of Finance, Andrzej Domański, announced that that planned for July 1, 2024 the launch of the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) and its use will be obligatory postponed in time and that it will definitely not happen by the end of 2024.

The main reason for changing the deadline was the detection of "critical errors" in the functioning of the system.

The main reason why the KSeF will not come into force from July 2024 is the occurrence of serious errors that would make it difficult for entrepreneurs to use this system. One of the most serious of them is capacity.

Andrzej Domański, Minister of Finance:

“Unfortunately, already during the preliminary analyses, we detected critical errors which, in my opinion, make it impossible to introduce the National e-Invoice System in 2024. The problems concern this system code his functionalities and performance. […] We cannot allow a situation in which Polish companies cannot issue invoices. We cannot allow a situation in which the stability of economic turnover is threatened. [..] We must take care of budget revenues, we must tighten the system and, of course, we must computerize the Polish economy. It's clear and obvious. On the other hand, the introduction of KSeF may not threaten the stability of business activity in Poland."

Marcin Łoboda, head of KAS:

"The errors related to the introduction of the national e-Invoice system are: primarily throughput. This is what entrepreneurs can feel the most. Namely, the entrance to KSeF may be blocked due to the lack of an appropriate tool or code, which means that they will not be able to issue e-Invoices.

To the journalist's question:

"I wanted to make sure. The new management of the Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Administration supports the idea of KSeF in principle. But technically you just need to review the product again and consider whether it can still function?”

The Minister of Finance replied:

“Exactly yes, Mr. Editor. I would like to make this very clear: KSeF will be introduced in Poland. This is a necessary solution in my opinion. It will make the system more secure and will also make it easier to run a business in Poland in the long run. However, we cannot afford one day when KSeF does not work as it should. We are talking about millions of invoices that are issued and which must be efficiently handled by KSeF. This is what economic security, state security is all about.”

And to the question what is KSeF, you will find the answer in ours KSeF FAQ – TOP 10.

Source: Press briefing of the Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański (January 19, 2024)

Official announcement on the Ministry of Finance website: Postponement of the deadline for the implementation of the mandatory KSeF.

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